Hostel Facilities

Hostel facilities for Boys and Girls. The Boy’s hostel is run by CMI fathers’ and the other by SMC sisters. 

  • Fully air-conditioned dormitory for Boys
  • Strict study time, monitored academics, Yoga, Indoor and Outdoor games, exercises, spiritual hours to enable holistic developments of the inmates
  • Homely atmosphere
  • Rich and nutritious food
  • Laundry facility

Contact Numbers:

Boys Hostel: 04822 260426, 08547617621

Girls Hostel: 04822-260756, 8547214645


  • An admission to the boarding is given for one year. Therefore, admission should be renewed every year.
  • Boarders are supposed to concentrate on their studies. Strict silence is to be maintained during the study time. Any kind of disruptions or misbehavior during the study time will not be tolerated.
  • Boarders are allowed to go home every Second Saturday and they should come back as per the directions given.
  • Parents and guardians may come and visit their wards on Saturdays or Sundays. During study times no visitors are allowed.
  • Parents must make sure that they meet the Rector or Hostel warden and get the feedback from him. It is advised that they meet the Principal and class teacher at least once a term.
  • Students can contact their parents on Mondays and Tuesdays after supper. Use of mobile phone on any other occasion without permission will be punishable with a fine of Rs. 1000/. The confiscated mobile and sim card  will not be returned.
  • Smart phones will not be allowed in the campus.
  • They are not allowed to buy and keep eatables and snacks in the boarding campus and in their lockers as it results in indiscipline and inequality.
  • The boarders will not be allowed to go out with anyone other than their parents or guardians. They will also be not allowed to stay overnight in the houses of the relatives other than that of the local guardian.
  • The Christian students have to attend the Holy Mass everyday at 6.00 am or 6.45 am. Catholic students shall attend the Sunday school arranged by the school.
  • Boarders who engage in malpractices like ragging, theft, physical assault, destruction of properties of school and boarding will be expelled from the boarding house.
  • When disciplinary actions are taken against the students at school it will be binding for their boarding life too since boarding is part of the school.
  • Cleanliness in and around the school and boarding should be kept and waste paper etc. should be placed in dustbins.
  • The decision of the Boarding Rector will be final in the continuation or expulsion of the students in the morning.
  • The security amount will not be returned to the students those who vacate the boarding before the completion of the Academic Year.

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