To be in the Light of Truth and Wisdom

In the above motto of our school there are three key words, Light, Truth and Wisdom, which have great importance in our present and future life. In the school we are preparing ourselves with the help of our teachers, companions and books. Light helps us to see life and its problems and possibilities in a correct way. Truth teaches us what reality is that we may embrace it realistically and wisdom enables us to live with understanding and clarity.

We all want to see and see clearly who all are close to us and what all things surround us. In darkness we do not see other humans or the objects around us. Light shows us where we are and in what circumstances we are. It helps us to adjust ourselves to the concrete situation. With our forefathers we all pray, “From darkness lead us to light”. Our intellectual and spiritual eyes are opened and enlightened by education. We are enabled to see our worth as human persons endowed with freedom and intelligence; we learn that we all share the same humanity and dignity.

Truth is what really is and we all search truth. We want to know what is real and what is unreal and therefore we pray. “Lead us from the unreal to the real”. It is truth that liberate and frees us from the man-made bondages that are on us. True educations should lead us to truth. God is the ultimate reality and the ultimate truth and so we search for God’s truth first. He is the ground of our existence and the guarantor of truth for us.

Wisdom guides us on the path of life with discretion and prudence. We are taught the art of successful life. It is much more than the study of languages and sciences, though all these should help us and give us right orientation in life. The great lesson that we are to learn in the school is how to live successfully as authentic  humans in good relationship with other humans and nature.

Our existence is interrelated and interdependent; we need each other, we grow or perish with others. We have to be wisely integrated within ourselves , with others and with nature.

Our time and studies in the school should enlighten us in the multidimensional aspects of life and that should make us bearers of light for others, Jesus, the great Guru said to his disciples, “You are the light of the world”. Indeed, we are to bring light to the blind among us. Our light cannot be egoistically kept hidden. In the small light we should around us, others should be able to see something of truth, that should lead to wise life. A wise person will know how to build life on solid ground. The foundation of our life already laid at home, is strengthened in the school, in the company of the teachers, friends and books.

We get light, truth and wisdom at home, in the classrooms, as well as in the playing grounds. Let us take everything seriously and earnestly without loosing humour and follow the way of light, truth and wisdom.


Chavara CMI International School (ICSE & ISC), Amanakara is named after Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, the founder of the CMI congregation. This institution is run by Chavara Educational and Charitable Trust, Amanakara. Under the management of CMI St.Joseph Educational Society, Kottayam.

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