Principal’s Message

As the followers of the celebrated visionary, Saint Chavara Kuriakose Elias , we believe education as the course of equipping human beings to fulfill individual and social responsibilities. I like to quote Albert Einstein “Education is what remains after one has learned in school”.

Today’s education and people who seek it search for branded systems and environment for training themselves to be more fit and secure in the world of knowledge. Even though our institution gives stress to the traditional core skills of literacy and numeracy, the way the students attain them is quite modern. We have technological environment in the campus with digital class rooms and language labs. The teachers as well as the students and parents act as co-educators and the shared responsibility make the students reap and reward in an effective way.

Thus, the school is a living interacting community which enables the students to be socially and morally responsible citizen. Let us join together to track the new system of learning.

With Lots of Love,

Fr. Micheal Anakkallumkal CMI

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