School Emblem


The coat of arms embodies the spirit of our motto. The figures on the side represent the joining of many hands that laid the foundation for our motto ‘to be in the light of truth and wisdom’.

Fire: It symbolizes knowledge. It leads to truth and wisdom which extinguishes the darkness of ignorance and illuminates the light of knowledge to conquer the world.

Star: The power, position and luxury that the world offers us is limited for a short time, whereas education is the only wealth, which shines like the stars both day and night. These rays of knowledge revolves and brightens the world.

Pen & Book: Quality education that helps in all round development of a person is attained with book and pen. The knowledge achieved from the tip of pen and book cannot be ignored for success. Let the beginning always be at the tip of a pen and book.

Earth, Ring & Hands: Knowledge has confined earth with its power. How much ever the world changes and advances, there will be several elements that provide favourable conditions for learning. The school, teachers, parents and friends always support students in learning. Chavara School always aims in guiding and grooming the students to win the world with truth, knowledge and wisdom.

Created by Weberge-ipsr